Nozzle Technology Breakthrough

A Short Statement of my new Short Air Induction Nozzle

Air Induction Nozzles have been around now for a number of years. The main problems with these nozzles being that they are far too long and difficult to clean. I short-air-induction-nozzletherefore decided it was time something was done about this problem. First of all I spoke to various nozzle manufacturers, their initial response was it couldn’t be done. I was not impressed with this and so decided to adapt various nozzles to prove that it could be done and at the same time I submitted my Patent Application. I then approached the nozzle manufacturers yet again and found they were keen but would not offer any assistance what so ever.



Our Solution

Having worked with sprayers and farmers all my working life, to me it was clear what farmers wanted. I set about making molds so I could give the farmers an opportunity to make their own decisions on whether they like the product. The Jet is designed to obviously be short when in a nozzle body, it also has a tip on the insert which allows the chemicals to be mixed before it enters the nozzle itself.

On the tests I have carried out I’m finding it can be as high as a third less blockages but no matter how much you nozzle-tipreduce the blockage, there will always be occasions when nozzles will block.

Easy to Clean

It is necessary to make a nozzle easy to clean, and you will find this nozzle is the easiest Air Induction Nozzle to clean whilst wearing rubber gloves.

The nozzle itself is 100% my design and is manufactured locally.

A selection of product videos have been prepared to provide an honest and fair representation of what the nozzle can do. For example, in the video with 02 Spraying, there are 3 different Air Induction nozzles working, one of which is mine. However, I’m not going to name the others or tell you in which order they are working in, so that you can make an unbiased decision for yourself. You can find the videos here.

I’ve also got farmers who are now using my Short Air Induction Nozzles whereas in the past they would not have considered using Air Induction Nozzles purely on their length.

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