Mixing Bowls


The products manufactured by myself are mainly mixing bowls. These can be made to suit the individuals needs and are made up from bowla strong material that is easy to keep clean and will not deteriorate in sunlight.




Spot Sprayer

The spot sprayer is designed to fit on a sprayer or tractor without too much aggravation. The secret to the effectiveness of my system is due to the chemicalspot-sprayer passing through my patented mixing chamber which is fitted as near to the Sprayer Control as possible. This is to ensure that your chemical is not getting any deterioration caused by the water.

The system in the photograph is the most basic model but obviously units can be made to the customers requirements.





Clean Water Tanks

Clean water tanks are made to suit the individuals needs and the simpler the shape the water-tankeasier they are to make.

Latest Nozzle Tech

We have a brand new, unique nozzle design that will save you time and money. Our nozzles use an innovative design that allows it to be short and easy to clean with rubber gloves on. Read more..


Superb Results

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